When I first thought about starting Envi, I was very focused on aesthetics. I never considered implementing functional medicine into our service offerings. After years of not feeling well and despite hearing multiple doctors assure me “everything was normal” – I knew I wasn’t feeling like myself and the symptoms I was experiencing were not “normal”. I was tired of hearing my labs were within “normal ranges”, and after many months of research I found Biote® Hormone Replacement Therapy. Although I knew there were plenty of skeptics about hormone replacement in women and many potential side effects, the more I learned about Biote®, the more I realized it was something I was willing to try. I appreciated that it was a pellet form, so it wasn’t going to affect my day-to-day life; it was bioidentical which means it matched the hormone structure in my body; and the most important part was it is plant-based, meaning it’s not synthetic (man-made) and riddled with chemicals. I could never have expected how life-changing the results would be.

I have been using Biote® pellets for over a year and I’ll never look back. The symptoms I was experiencing have all but disappeared and the positive impact to my life has been immeasurable. I didn’t even realize how badly I was feeling until I was on the pellets for several months and started to feel human again. I saw reduced anxiety, weight loss, improved ability to focus, and increased energy levels. So many areas of my life have improved, and the benefits have continued.

This personal experience is why I’ve decided to make hormone replacement a priority at Envi. I was to help others learn about the Biote® option and how it can help you and improve your life. It turns out almost everyone over the age of 30 can benefit from some level of hormone replacement and I don’t want you to wait until you’re 46 to figure it out like I did! You don’t have to be in menopause, you can continue to use birth control, and you don’t have to be a male to benefit from Testosterone! I want to normalize this discussion with my patients and help you become the best version of yourself. I want you to feel beautiful on the inside and out!

When your body’s ability to produce hormones is disrupted—such as a natural decline with age—you may notice a difference in how you feel. Many symptoms commonly attributed to other health conditions can in fact be attributed to low hormone levels.

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Signs And Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Trouble sleeping
Mood swings
Low mood
Night sweats
Hot flashes or flushes
Weight gain
Decreased sex drive
Discomfort during intercourse

Signs And Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Men

Low sex drive
Increased body fat
(especially in the waist area)
Loss of muscle mass & strength
Reduced mental focus
Feelings of anxiety
Elevated blood sugar
High cholesterol

Many health benefits have been attributed to balanced and optimized hormone levels. Regulating your hormone levels may correlate to stronger bones and muscles, better sleep, fat loss, improved cognition, relief of anxiety and depression, and enhanced libido and sexual wellness. At Envi, we use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (also known as BHRT) to optimize your individual hormone levels to improve your overall wellness. We will have you meet with our functional medicine physician to discuss your health concerns, perform a health assessment, and order an extensive set of labs. Lab work will be followed up with a comprehensive evaluation, where you’ll work together with your physician to determine if hormone therapy replacement is right for you.

As you age, the number of hormones your body produces begins to decline. This decline in hormones can put you at risk for weak muscles and bones, fractures (broken bones), cardiovascular disease, and memory loss.
Balancing your hormones has shown many positive health benefits, including heart protection, increased energy, improved sleep, relief of anxiety and depression, help in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and body fat percentage, improved memory and cognition, and enhanced libido.
In conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, hormone therapy can be an effective solution to help you look and feel your best.

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone is not a male-exclusive hormone, and in fact, it is the most abundant hormone throughout a woman’s life.
As we age, testosterone levels decline. Optimizing your hormone levels has been shown to protect your heart and bones, increase your energy, help you lose body fat, maintain a healthy weight, and enhance your sex drive and sexual wellness.

At Envi, we use BioTE pellets placed under your skin and into your subcutaneous/fatty tissue to then release steady levels of hormones to help optimize your hormone levels. Placement of the hormone pellets requires a simple in-office procedure. The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes.
Generally, inserting the needle to numb the area where the pellets will be placed is the only part that is uncomfortable. If you have a fear of needles, let us know. There are comfort measures we are happy to offer prior to your treatment. We also use a numbing medication and/or a topical spray to help ease the discomfort of the needle.
Sometimes, patients can experience some discomfort and/or soreness around the site of the pellet placement, but this is typically resolved after several days.
If you have pain during the procedure, please let your provider know as comfort measures can be initiated.

For women receiving BioTE pellet BHRT, you can expect your pellets to deliver hormones for approximately 3-4 months, at which time, you will need to have more pellets placed to continue to optimize your wellness.
For men receiving BioTE pellet BHRT, you can expect your pellets to deliver steady levels of hormones for approximately 5-6 months, at which time, you will need to have more pellets placed to continue to optimize your wellness.

BioTE hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice. Occasionally, pellets may be felt under the skin, which is typically due to swelling and usually resolves in several days, but on rare occasions, may last for a month.
It is important for women to limit activity for 3 days after pellet placement and men to limit activity for 7 days after pellet placement to limit swelling and promote healing

BioTE hormone pellets completely dissolve over time and eventually disappear. Because pellets completely dissolve, you do not need to have them removed, however, as the pellet dissolves, your symptoms will begin to return and you will need to have new pellets placed.

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