As we age and our bodies become more mature, collagen gradually disappears, and our skin begins to lose moisture. As a result, more wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven texture become visible from repetitive muscle movement, environmental damage, and sun damage. Made of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced in the body, dermal fillers are safe, natural injectable products that restore volume in folds and fine lines, soften wrinkles and scars, plump lips, and contour and add definition to the face through filler injections.

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural sign of aging but can be an aesthetic nuisance for many. In addition, the common signs of aging can cause self-esteem issues and are embarrassing for some people. Overcoming these issues is very important to some patients, and we encourage you to explore your options regarding decreasing fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Fillers can remarkably rejuvenate and enhance your skin without altering your natural features. Dermal fillers really do work, and the result from an injection remains on your face for a long time. The ingredients in dermal filler do not react with the skin cells but give you a full and contoured face. Schedule a consultation with Envi Aesthetics to determine if fillers are the best option for you!

How dermal fillers will work for you depend on the specific filler used, and dermal fillers do vary greatly from those that last a few months to those that last several years. However, whichever dermal filler you choose, you will be amazed at how smooth and glowing your skin looks.

Dermal fillers have a temporary effect since they contain materials the body can absorb over time. The FDA has approved only one product made from a material that is not absorbed. (That filler is polymethylmethacrylate or plastic beads suspended in bovine collagen. PMMA beads are tiny, round, and smooth). In addition, dermal fillers contain lidocaine, decreasing pain or discomfort related to the injection.

What are dermal fillers made from?

The most common ingredient for a dermal filler is hyaluronic acid which is found in popular options like Juvéderm or Restylane Products. Other dermal fillers like Radiesse are made of calcium hydroxyapatite, and poly L lactic acid is used in Sculptra. Collagen may also be used in dermal fillers.

Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to dermal fillers are rare. However, you may find one product, Sculptra, that contains sulfa and may cause problems for patients allergic to sulfa. If your provider uses Artefill, which has cow collagen, you must undergo skin testing before treatment.

What different areas do dermal fillers treat?

For most dermal fillers, one treatment is needed for optimal results. However, you may need several treatments of Sculptra over several months. Each dermal filler has a specific place they are generally used. For example, Juvéderm and Restylane treat nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, and around the mouth. Radiesse may treat nasolabial folds, cheeks, temples, and the mouth but is not used on the lips.

Each dermal filler has unique advantages and differences from other dermal fillers. Therefore, learning about each filler’s characteristics, uses, and requirements are important to determine which dermal filler is the right choice for you. Trained medical professionals at Envi Aesthetics can be consulted for more information.

Dermal filler treatment includes injectable materials used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve volume and contour. New fillers are approved for use in hands, too. Many formulations of fillers made of natural and synthetic materials have different performances.

Dermal filler treatment is an in-office procedure that is generally painless and has little downtime. Your skin care professional starts by assessing your facial features, discussing filler options, and giving you guidelines. You may need a local anesthesia to help numb the injection sites and keep you more comfortable.

The skincare professional injects the dermal filler in targeted areas using a fine needle or a blunt-tipped injector called a cannula.

Treatment Areas

Lip Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Under Eye

Jawline Sculpting/ Definition

Lower Face Rejuvenation

Nasolabial Fold

(Smile/Laugh Lines)

Hand Filler

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Neckline Filler

Temple Rejuvenation

Earlobe Rejuvenation

Filler is a safe, natural injectable product that restores volume in folds and fine lines, softens wrinkles and scars, plump lips, and provides contour and definition to the face through filler injections. Popular dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar that can be found in the body.

Fillers work to add hydration and volume to the areas that are treated. Fillers are a great solution to provide natural results to enhance and revive your features, not alter them. You will look natural, only younger, and smoother with decreased wrinkles and fine lines.

You will see results immediately; they can last anywhere between 6-24 months, depending on the product injected. Most dermal filler take a few weeks before you see the total solution.

The longevity of results depends on the treatment area and how the body responds to
metabolizing the injected treatment. Therefore, we will develop a custom treatment plan to address your desired treatment areas during your consultation.

Results do vary among different patients. Filler longevity depends on your skin condition, age, lifestyle, and if you return for maintenance treatments.

Facial fillers are a temporary solution. For best results, treatment is recommended every 6-12 months.

Bruising and swelling are common. Allow a minimum of two weeks ahead of any events/vacations. Some patients can see a reduction in symptom a few days after their injections. Again, it does vary between patients.

Dermal fillers are considered safe if they are injected properly. There are common side effects that include bruising, swelling, and pain. These symptoms generally only last a few days. Serious complications like infections, granulomas, or severe itching are rare but can occur. Dermal fillers are not permanent, so you will need touchup treatment to keep your face young-looking and glowing.

The FDA has approved the following fillers for use on the face, hands, and lips:
• Juvéderm
• Restylane
• Radiesse (the main ingredient is calcium hydroxyapatite)
Other fillers include Capique, Esthelis, Elevess, Halaform, Perlane, Puragen, and Prevelle.

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